findings in memory and reality

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Layers of chaos mark a place in a particular way, compiling a history of its own. These spaces are unnoticed by many but something about them appeals to me, the colours, something out of place, the light and dark, the texture the fragility the strength. 

My work is part invention, part known sometimes like a dream. Like all artwork, the story teller spins a tale that speaks to the them. I am often wanting to show places and images that are dismissed by many, in nature the space may be difficult to understand. I am trying to find a way into a new conversation. I have been observing the coastal changes for years, the shifts of landform, the diminishing of animals and of history. I try to address this in my own way.

my work is about place, memory, relationships, reality

the full image of 'horse tails falls is in the Spaces exhibition page.

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