Contemporary art of leigh camilleri

You can visit my exhibition Spaces: landscape and other things .

Jan 27 to Mar 3 

Redlands Art Gallery, Cleveland Queensland. Australia

About Me

My history in the arts


Contemporary art, paintings, drawings, abstract art, all are at the centre of my everyday life. 

Methods and mediums


I use many different mediums, such as oil, acrylics, and watercolour, mixed media. I have always believed that getting out into the open with a drawing pad and a piece of charcoal will focus me for the day and enrich the rest of my day. Like looking at paintings.

Inspirations and life


Every day of my life is spent looking, from the time I wake till the time I sleep. Sometimes art comes in my sleep. Paintings develop though drawing, and the process of creating contemporary art or any art. Helps me remember a day, a moment, an experience.


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